Welcome to the Robotics Centre

Welcome to the Robotics Centres, delivering a full spectrum of unmanned outdoor robotic systems and data management to corporate and government clients around the world.

The Robotics Centres are where clients come to build end to end unmanned solutions to their challenges.  We accomplish this by having dozens of different outdoor unmanned systems for land, sea & air which are all from different manufacturers, coupled with the ability to integrate them into an existing IT structure or create a new structure.  The Robotics Centres sell the hardware, software, training, maintenance, and data solutions or simply do the work for the client as a contractor.  We also provide comprehensive counter-drone solutions for government and industry

Our Headquarters is in Ottawa, Canada.  We have established our first regional hub in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which is the Robotics Centre Middle East.  Additional Robotics Centres will be established in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Looking for a robotics solution? Simply tell us what you need and we search our client list to find the best match.  At our state of the-art robotics facility in Riyadh, you get hands-on experience testing the hardware as well as the software applications resulting in real live experiences you cannot get from a brochure. 
From robots to software, data capture and movement, sales, training and service, the Robotics Centres are the future of robotics solutions.